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Kuaishou Live Kuaishou Coin Kuaishou Live Gift Reward Official Top-up

Product sales volume: Sold 84857

Product Specification
Official Instant Top-up
Product Denomination
3980 with 80 Fast Coins
10000 with 200 Fast Coins
50000 coins with 1100 bonus coins
5000 Quick Coins - 8% off
10000 Quick Coins - 8% off
20000 Quick Coins - 8% off
300 Quick Coins
1000 Quick Coins
2,000 Kwai coins
3,980 Kwai coins
5000 Quick Coins
10,000 Kwai coins
18880 Quick Coins
20000 Quick Coins
30000 Quick Coins
50,000 Kwai coins
100,000 Kwai coins

Product type: official recharge
Recharge type: Kuaibi
Official website: https://www.kuaishou.com/
Scope of application: Kuaishou live broadcast. Kuaibi is the virtual currency of Kuaishou Live Broadcast, which is used to purchase platform value-added services.
Recharge method: Direct recharge on the platform
Recharge ratio: 1 yuan = 10 fast coins
Query method: Query on the official website or log in to the APP to query

How to query Kuaishou ID:

  1. Log in to your account on the Kuaishou app.
  2. Click the "menu icon" in the upper left corner.
  3. Click on your avatar.
  4. You can check your Kuaishou user ID under your nickname.


  1. Kuaibi recharge does not require a nickname, please confirm your Kuaishou account again before payment.
  2. Recharge account: fill in Kuaishou ID (fill in Kuaishou account when upgrading to Kuaishou account)
  3. Please confirm the Kuaishou ID again and again before filling it in. Returns and exchanges are not supported after shipment. If you fill in the wrong form, you will be responsible for any losses.
  4. Under normal circumstances, the account will be credited within 1-3 minutes. Please pay attention to the balance before recharging to facilitate checking the credit status. If your account does not arrive within 5 minutes, please contact customer service in time for consultation.

payment method:

  1. Supports payment in all currencies.
  2. Supports various credit card payments, bank transfers and PayPal account payments.
  3. We would like to remind you that if the amount of your first order is abnormal, in order to ensure the security of your account, we will review and verify your order. Please understand.

Website statement:

For virtual recharge products, please confirm multiple times whether your recharge account and related information are correct. If your recharge account is entered incorrectly but the recharge is successful, the system will not provide a refund.

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