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Douyin Live Dou Coin Dou+ 24-hour direct top up, live reward, video talent promotion top up

Product sales volume: Sold 667180

Product Specification
Douyin Coin
Volcano Edition
Product Denomination
5180 Dou Coins
15980 Dou Coin - 8% off
30000 Dou Coin - 8% off
980 Dou Coin
2980 Dou Coin
2980 Get 20 Dou Coins
5180 Dou Coins
15980 Dou Coins
10000 Douyin Coins
30000 Dou Coins
30000 Doudou Coins with 300 bonus coins
50000 Dou Coin
50000 Doudou Coins with 500 bonus coins
100000 Dou Coins
100000 Sending 1200 Dou Coins
200000 Dou Coins

Purchasing requirements for the Forbidden City series:

Jinluan Ruishi: Before 11.25, you can get it by recharging a total of 150,000 coins. This effect can be unlocked

See the world:Before 11.25, you can get it by recharging a total of 280,000 coins. UnlockableJinluan Ruishi+See the world, double special effects
Note: In the first step of unlocking, you need to enter Douyin [Mystery Store] to recharge corresponding Douyin coins. After unlocking, you can use this special effect permission.

product name: Douyin (domestic version) Doucoin recharge

Recharge information:Douyin ID

Little Sea Whale buy one get one free, 4 kinds of [super value bonus] denominations, place an order and recharge to get free coins!

Product desciption

The domestic version of Douyin focuses on domestic short video business. The main login methods include mobile phone number, WeChat, QQ, Toutiao account, etc. The official recharge product is Douyin (1 yuan = 10 Douyin). DouBin, also called Douyin Yinlang, is a virtual currency provided to users for related consumption on the Douyin platform. You can use "Douyin" to freely purchase virtual gifts and other products or services on this platform; you can Give purchased virtual gifts to anchors or platform creators.

Dou+coinIt is used to promote the work.

andTikTokCommonly known as Douyin Overseas Edition and Douyin International Edition, it focuses on overseas short video business. The main login methods are email, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts. The official recharge product is gold coins (0.99 US dollars = 70 gold coins).

Product description

  • If your Douyin ID is purely numeric, please log in to Douyin first to modify your Douyin ID (add any English characters), and then fill in the new ID in the delivery information for quick recharge success.
  • Doubi is not Douyin’s volcano version of diamonds, nor is it DOU+ currency
  • DouBin can only be used to purchase virtual items on the platform and cannot be used for e-commerce shopping.
  • Please fill in the correct recharge account information. If we have completed the recharge according to the incorrect information you filled in, it will not be refundable;
  • If you use an Apple ID to log in, it is recommended that you top up your Apple account balance.
  • This product is a virtual product recharge and cannot be returned once sold.

Purchase process

  1. Select and fill in the product corresponding information according to the prompts on the product page;
  2. Click the "Buy Now" button to enter the recharge page and confirm the order information;
  3. Select a payment method to pay, complete the order, and wait for recharge;
  4. After the payment is successful, the customer service will review the recharge information you left within the corresponding time, and the system will recharge and complete the transaction.

payment method

The payment method is PayPal. Please note that if the amount of your first order is abnormal, in order to ensure the security of your account, we will review and verify your order. Please understand.


  1. When purchasing, please check whether your game platform matches.
  2. Please make sure the account number you fill in is correct when purchasing. If it is incorrect, it cannot be changed.
  3. Please do not log in to the game account before the transaction is completed to avoid recharge failure or recharge not being credited due to the wrong number.
  4. Due to the special nature of virtual goods, please log in to your account after the recharge is completed to check whether the recharge is completed. Some recharges require a certain amount of time.
  5. There are certain risks involved in game depositing, and you must bear the risks of game control and rules and penalties by yourself.
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