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Product Specification
Official Direct Top-up
Product Denomination
1 Yuan

Purchase process:
1. Select and fill in the corresponding product information according to the prompts on the product page;
2. Click the "Buy Now" button to enter the top up page and confirm the order information;
3. Select the payment method to pay, complete the order, and wait for the top up;
4. After the payment is successful, the customer service will review within the corresponding time according to the top up information you left, and the system will top up and complete the transaction.

How to receive the goods:
1. After the transaction is guaranteed, you can enter the game login account or the game official website to check the balance.
2. In order to ensure the correct top up, please keep in touch with the customer service during this transaction, we will serve you wholeheartedly online 24 hours a day.

payment method:
The payment method is PayPal. Please note that if the amount of your first order is abnormal, in order to ensure the security of your account, we will review and verify your order. Please understand.

1. Pay attention to check whether your game platform matches when purchasing.
2. Please confirm whether the account number is correct when purchasing, and the wrong account cannot be changed.
3. Please do not log in to the game account before the transaction is completed, to avoid the failure of the top up or the failure of the top up due to the top account.
4. Due to the particularity of virtual goods, please log in to your account after the top up is complete to check whether the top up is complete. Some top ups will take a certain amount of time.
5. Game charging has certain risks, and risks such as game control and rule penalties must be borne by yourself

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